Zen Meditation and Outdoor Adventure Retreat (2-Nights)

In this unique Zen & outdoor adventure combo, you’ll stay in a historical temple to learn about Zen and also go on experiences in nature.


3 days/2 nights


January to December


Biwako, Shiga

Group size

1 to 10 persons




180,000 JPY


Hiromichi Murata

Monk Name: Koudou ・ Representative of PLUS WILD ・ Nature and Zen trail adventure Chubu area mountain guide


This special plan combines outdoor nature activities with an authentic Zen meditation experience. Stay at Hikone Seiryo-ji Temple, an ancient Zen temple where the great Zen master Ii Naosuke visited, and experience authentic Zen meditation. We will also go on outdoor adventures. In the spring and summer there is river climbing and canyoning, while in the autumn and winter we will go on a hiking adventure to the highest peak in Shiga prefecture, Mt. Ibuki. This unique experience will give you a deeper understanding of the meaning of nature and your connection to it. Note: 1-night and 2-night versions of this tour are available.


Day 1

13:00Meet at West Exit of Hikone Station
15:00Zen Meditation and Dharma talk
16:00Seishin ryori tutorial (Buddhist vegetarian cooking)
19:00Zen Meditation and Dharma talk
20:00Explanation of the next day’s adventure
21:00Bathing time
22:00Bedtime (lights out)

Day 2

06:00Wake up
08:00Depart for the outdoor adventure
15:00End of adventure, bathing time
17:00Return to Seiryo-ji Temple
19:00Zen Meditation and Dharma talk
20:00Tea ceremony
22:00Bedtime (lights out)

Day 3

05:00Wake up
05:30Zen Meditation
06:30Buddhist Morning service & chant
08:00Samu (cleaning of the temple grounds and hall)
10:00Tea Ceremony
12:00Dismissal at Hikone Station


Open to junior high school students and above.


Rental equipment: wetsuits, stream shoes, helmets, harnesses, life jackets, gloves. Please bring the following for river climbing and canyoning: swimsuit to wear under wetsuit, change of clothes, towel, beverages, and high calorie snacks. Please bring the following for hiking: Hiking shoes (trekking shoes), backpack (around 30L size), rainwear (separate top and bottom), warm clothing (down jacket, etc.), appropriate hiking clothing (non-cotton underwear, fleece jacket etc.), gloves, hat, beverages, and high calorie snacks. Lunch during the adventure will be purchased en route.


  • Please follow the guide’s instructions regarding activities during the experience and the use of climbing equipment.
  • The temple where you will be staying is a very valuable historical building. Please do not touch the facilities or equipment without permission.
  • Please follow the instructions of the monks at the temples.
  • If you are coming to the meeting place by car, please make sure you can find a parking spot.
  • It is also possible to drive to Seiryo-ji Temple (please contact us in advance).
  • Free parking available in the precincts of Seiryo-ji Temple (approx. 30 spaces)

Access info

From Tokyo or Nagoya: – Take Shinkansen to Maibara – From Maibara, transfer to JR Biwako Line and get off at Hikone Station. From Osaka or Kyoto: – Get off at JR Biwako Hikone Station By car to Seiryo-ji Temple – About 10 minutes from Hikone IC of Meishin Expressway

Nearest station

JR Biwako Line Hikone Station

If you come by car5 minutes

Meeting place

Hikone Station